Getting Started

It is quite easy to use RocketScrape API. Just send the URL you would like to scrape to the API, along with your API key, and the API will return the HTML response from your target URL.

API Key & Authentication

RocketScrape uses API keys to authenticate requests. In order to use the API you need to sign up for an account and include your unique API key in every request.

Making Requests

You can use the API to scrape web pages, API endpoints, images, documents, PDFs or other files just as you would any other URL. Note: there is a 2MB limit per request.

You can send GET requests to RocketScrape API via our API endpoint:{YOUR_API_KEY}&url=

Or POST request:

Body object accepts all parameters that are available for GET request:

    "url": "",
    "apiKey": "{YOUR_API_KEY}"

Note: url and apiKey parameters are required.

What is credit?

A credit is a request inside the service. Every time you do a request, a credit is deducted from your account. We charge 1 credit per "general" request and 20 credits per "premium" request. (domains google, ebay, amazon, aliexpress, similarweb, zoominfo, booking, olx are considered as "premium").

Option render=true will charge additional 5 credits for "premium" and 10 credits for "common" requests.

API Status Codes

The API will return a specific status code after every request depending on whether the request was successful, failed or some other error occurred. RocketScrape API will retry failed requests for up to 60 seconds to try and get a successful response from the target URL before responding with a 500 error indicating a failed request.

Note: To avoid timing out your request before the API has had a chance to complete all retries, remember to set your timeout to 60 seconds.

Should a request fail after 60 seconds of retrying, you will not be charged for it (you are only charged for successful requests: 200 and 404 status codes).

Below is the list of status codes you might receive:




Successful response


The requested page doesn't exist


After retrying for 60 seconds, the API was unable to receive a successful response.


You are sending too many requests at once, and exceeding your concurrency limit.


You have used up all your API credits.

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